Coordinated clothing mother and daughter/son

is a new and fun way to dress and make mom and daughter and son interact.

Colors, Emotions, Learning are the guidelines of the collection.

 Giu Giù is the coordinated clothing that creates emotions, happy moments and complicity between mothers and children.

Giu Giù is the coordinated clothing with comfortable, colourful and entirely made in Italy shapes and garments inspired by Montessori’s philosophy.

Each collection is accompanied by an illustrated fairy tale

A world of fairy tales where the main characters are then represented in the collection!

Made in collaboration with a child psychologist, emotions are treated in fairy tales and Giu Giù is the main protagonist. Each fairy tale tells educational stories enriched by always new settings and characters.

Giu Giù dresses the happy moments of mum and daughter /son with coordinated garments created specifically to allow adults to enter the world of children!

The characters in the story come to life on the girl and the son’s clothes

T-shirts with removable embroidered patches.
The removable patches allow the child to transform the image of his t-shirt, and thus express her emotions according to Montessori’s philosophy, based on independence and freedom of choice within codified limits.

A way to Identify, Express yourself and develop Empathy with the characters.

The children of Giu Giù are curious and dynamic and with our practical and fun clothes, they can discover a different world every time and live adventures full of lessons!

The Giu Giù doll

The Giu Giù doll in Steiner’s style, without any expression, facilitates children in identifying with it and further developing their imagination.

The emotional development of children is what guides us in the creation of our products!

The child is both a hope and a promise for humanity

Maria Montessori

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Giu Giù is a Made in Italy product